Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Look Out Flying Saucers

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Yes, they really are out there!
Yes I've seen Flying Saucers and if you are in the UK chances are high there are some near where you live!

They are Britain's favourite, based on surveys and sales. Flying Saucer sweets - the UK's most loved retro sweet.

A staple in the 1960's when introduced to the world by the Belgium company Astra Sweets, flying saucers are still produced and still popular.

The thin wafer disc filled with fizzy sherbet is Britain's favourite retro-sweet. Sometimes the sherbet is fruit flavoured which isn't original but we don't mind - as long as it tastes great with a BIG fizz.

Specialist sweet shops report them as their number one seller and larger supermarkets stock them too so you'll never be to far from a flying saucer sweet.

But, are they a strong seller because children buy them or is it mainly adults remembering their childhood? What do you think?

You can visit this site for more info on the UK's best selling retro-sweets.

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