Friday, 12 July 2013

The Best Coke You Have Ever Tasted?

There have been Facebook fan pages, letters to Coca Cola, forums, emails and tweets about it when it disappeared from Britain all demanding for it's return.

But Now It's Back

Vanilla Coke is once again an official Coke product in the UK.

Launched with a new "it's back" campaign Vanilla Coke hit the shelves of British retailers in the Spring of 2013. Sadly this didn't include the diet version. Guess we can't have everything, although I think it would be even better if diet was available too...

The packaging has been refreshed and modernised but the drink remains the same.

What's So Special About Vanilla Coke?

On Urban Dictionary this is how people define vanilla coke:
the greatest soda ever created.  Drink of the gods. the best drink ever made. The single greatest consumable product to ever exist.
and more.

But has it changed? Some people remembered Vanilla Coke as having a stronger taste and the new version to be a weaker flavoured variant. It's hard to say if the newly launched drink is different.  It has been 10 years since it was introduced back in 2003 so memories may have blurred. Coke say it's the same.

Unfortunately living in a small town I have yet to see it for sale. I understand Vanilla Coke to be on the shelves in large supermarkets and Boots stores but I have yet to try it for myself :(

Have you tried Vanilla coke either again or for the first time? What did you think?

Edit: My local supermarket now sells it so I bought some. I like it!
I just wish Coke would introduce a diet/zero sugar version as I don't really buy the full sugar drinks. The same store also started selling diet cherry coke which i do buy regularly.

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